Community Fire and Opportunities to Volunteer

Friendly reminder that the month of May is our community clean up! It is the best time to go around while the trash is visible and keep Chickaloon beautiful! We have two wonderful volunteers that will be picking up the trash bags (which will be stacked behind the pavilion) from the Community Center and take them to the dump or transfer station. The sign-up sheet and trash bags are located at the Post Office. The community BBQ (for celebration of the clean up) will be June 2nd from 2-5pm. We need volunteers to donate prizes, bring sides, help with setup and take down, and be a grill master! Please coordinate with Cassie at the post office to sign up for any of these tasks.

Last week we had a brush fire in the Fish Lake subdivision. A property owner had multiple small burn piles going as well as burning the lawn at the same time. Unfortunately because things were dry and breezy it ended up getting out control and spread to a neighbors property. Thankfully the Chickaloon Community Volunteer Fire Department responded very quickly and Forestry was not far behind. With everyone working together they managed to get the fire under control quickly and extinguished. We are all so grateful that the department and Forestry were able to keep the fire from spreading further. It was amazing to witness how all the neighbors rallied together to try and help. Thank you to everyone who reached out, showed up, and assisted in any way. This is what makes our community so very special and amazing to be apart of. It is important to remember that it is fire season, and we must follow the burn permit requirements.

The Chickaloon Volunteer Fire Department (CCVFD) is in need of volunteers to help keep our community safe. We have had 3 fires so far this year, two of them structural. We are not supported by the borough out this far, they will only come if a life is at risk, and therefor we must take on the responsibility of protecting our community. Forestry can only help if the fire goes into the woodland and turns into a brush fire. So far they have been wonderful to work with over the years and have helped us multiple times. Chickaloon residents are diverse and have many talents, do not be daunted thinking that all volunteers need to fight fires directly. The CCVFD needs assistance with all skillsets! There is a lot that goes into running a department, and the office work (behind the scenes) is just as important! Many hands make for light work, and if the community helped support the department it would make all the difference for the few individuals trying to keep it going. Not only is the department essential for quick fire response (when time is everything) but it also allows many residents the opportunity for home insurance (since most require a department within 5 miles). Contact Skip or Wesley at or

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