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We hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying the weather (Spring feels like it’s here). Thank you for your patience as we work through the little issues with the new website. The site is being tested as we go while we use it for the first time, which is a normal process, and each issue is getting addressed as quickly as possible. Stephen is working really hard to make the site user friendly and fixing the bugs in the back end of the website. Please keep in mind that we are all volunteers and we do this on top of regular life and careers. The meeting minutes from last month, as well as the draft for March (earlier than ever before thanks to the site setup) are now visible.

The council will be phasing out direct emails for notifications, this means within the next month or so we will move towards solely using the website. In order to streamline the process and reduce the workload on the board members, anyone who wishes to receive updates, the agenda, and meeting minutes you MUST be subscribed to the website. Side note, you only need to provide your name and email to be on the notification list. Also, friendly reminder to please post your business information on the website, I know we have a ton of amazingly talented individuals in Chickaloon that should be showcased to promote our local entrepreneurs.

On another note entirely, there is a meeting being held at the Sutton Library on March 27th at 7pm that our community is invited to (as well as other surrounding communities) in regards to the tribal police. From the Sutton Council: “The meeting will be attended by Donna Anthony of the Chickaloon Village Traditional Council who aLao invited the Inter Tribal Working Group to add to the discussion. The goal of the meeting will be informational gathering so that the communities effected can have a better understanding of the aspirations of the tribe and how the DPS sees moving forward.”

Thanks everyone!

The Chickaloon Community Council Board


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