Crime Watch: Suspicious Vehicle and Activity

2/11/24: A Chickaloon property owner was caught on camera trying to break into another home. The Chickaloon police were asked to do a drive by of the property for the owner.

Two other issues that may or may not be related: some sketchy looking individuals were found walking on Fish Lake Rd but disappeared before the community member(s) were able to approach them. There were also foot prints found on a nearby vacant property (that were not from the owner or friends), meaning someone had been trespassing.

Please keep a watchful eye out for your property and your neighbors. If you have any questions please let us know. If you have an emergency call 911 and notify the State Troopers. You can also directly reach the Chickaloon Police (who can help when needed) at their office number 907-745-0700.

2/21/24: Update regarding the crime incident: Donna came to the meeting and said that after running car’s plates, they saw it has history in CA, WA and Anchorage. There are drugs, weapons and burglary associated with it as well. It is important to note that one of them is a property owner here off Fish Lake rd and I am not sure at this time whether the vehicle is the property owner’s or not. The tribal police have been driving by the area routinely. Please call the Troopers first (911) if anything comes up or a crime has occurred. Donna and her officers are just trying to help (by driving by etc) but it is the Troopers who need to be called to investigate.

Update 2/23/24: A suspicious vehicle was spotted again, in someone else’s driveway, off Chickaloon Branch. Donna’s officers did a drive by for the property owner after the fact. I have no other update other than this at this time.


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  1. Correction regarding update. We reported the suspicious vehicle on 2/23/24, however, we spotted the vehicle on February 14. It turned around in our driveway off of North Chickaloon Branch Road. We were unaware of what the earlier reported suspicious vehicle looked like until photos of it were posted online.

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