The New Website is LIVE!!!

A huge thank you to Stephen Heckel (community member) who donated his time in building this website for us. I know everyone has been patiently waiting for this, and I think this was well worth the wait. We will be continuing to work on this site and updating it as we go. We still have documents that need to be added, so please continue to be patient as we work on this.

Our most important message we need to get across is that we need EVERYONE to register through the website for updates/emails to go out properly in our new system. So even if you have gotten our emails to this point (even this update) we still need you to register. Please go to the ” Sign up Today” tab to complete this task. Your information will be completely private and all emails will be sent as a “blind” copy. We hope that everyone will benefit and enjoy this new system and the information this website will provide everyone.

Also, if you do have a business (local to Chickaloon) please submit your information so we can get you featured under the local business page. To do this please see the “Community Resources” tab and then go to “Add Your Local Business” on the menu. We would love to promote and support all our entrepreneurs in the community.

We are all excited for the resource that this website provides our community and the better communication it provides. We hope everyone is enjoying their day and look forward to seeing you in one week at our next Council Meeting.


  1. I got the notification that there is a new alert…however I have not been able to access it. I did register and received a confirmation email. Any suggestions?

    1. Stephen said to try and copy and paste the link into your web browser since sometimes email providers block the link. If you click on the link and then see the address field say something like “safe link.xxxx” this is a filtering site that checks for fishing sites and it takes time to verify.
      If you aren’t able to use the links, just go right to the website directly and its posted on the home page.

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