Trespassing on Fish Lake RD

Last night (4/16) Anna Harmon (not sure on last name spelling) who is a repeated squatter (on and off) to the area, was pulled off on N Fish Lake Rd (corner of Aaron Ct) in a 2WD grey Toyota with a white canopy license plate ETL462. She was questioned about what she was doing on this property since she was not the owner and tried to get additional information. Her friend was digging around in the connex and going through garbage bags that she claimed were her items she had been storing there (with supposedly owners permission). The State Troopers were immediately called and given the information collected, and about 45 minutes later an officer came to investigate. The individuals who called in the incident met the Trooper there at about 10pm and they left around 11pm. By the time the officer arrived on scene, Anna and her friend had disappeared. AST did contact the owner of the property and no one has permission to be using the property in any way. The officer called back today with an update and requested that if anyone sees Anna to please notify them immediately so they can speak with her in regards to the trespassing.

On a similar note, the State Trooper also requested that we submit any suspicious activity on AK Tips. This allows them to investigate prior to making trips (since they are short staffed) and may also assist them in ongoing investigations. This will be very handy in instances like last night since you can upload photos as well. Chickaloon is not an active area for crimes so this will be the best way to communicate any issues that are not emergency in nature. If you do have any emergency of course call 911.

Please stay vigilant in watching out for our neighbors and keeping our community safe. There are many properties that are vacant the majority of the time and there are people who try and take advantage of that.


Update: Anna is back on the property this evening. The troopers have been notified, but unfortunately there were no officers available. Community members and the property owner have approached her to inform her that she needs to leave and does not have permission to be on the property. It appears she is attempting to remove the remainder of her stashed items from the connex and the property owner will be dealing with the remainder tomorrow. He will also be back out this evening to check on the place. There will be a full update made with additional details and photos within the next day or so. Thank you to all the community members who called this in, we appreciate that everyone is looking out for one another. This is exactly what we need to do! We will keep you posted.

Update 4/20: The property owner has informed us that the Troopers came out late last night around 11pm to speak with Anna and are giving her until 6pm tonight to remove the rest of her belongings or else she will be arrested. They are aware of her being on that property for today ONLY so no need to call AST until after 6pm. Be on the lookout though if she decides to try and move her stuff to another vacant property in the area. Her vehicle is a beige Subaru Legacy with the license plate missing. Additional information will be posted with photos.


  1. A picture or a general description of Anna would very helpful. Does she have a connection to Fish Lake Community or does she just target our area in winter? Do we suspect other illegal activities in addition to the trespassing?

    1. Yes I am trying to get additional photos uploaded and have asked Stephen to help with that because we are limited to one photo. I am working on this though, so please be patient.

      From my understanding she has done this on and off for a long time in the area but also other areas. She has gotten away with it here in the past because she knows which properties are vacant. I do not know the full story of her past, other than squatting here at multiple different properties through the years. I am not sure on other issues, nor did the Troopers disclose that information.

    1. Thank you everyone for keeping up on the activity. Yes, the owner has been out to the property this evening and is aware of what is going on. Last time I drove by after 8:30 the Trooper was on site and helping her move her belongings. The property owner informed me she is sleeping in her vehicle over night and is hoping to get help tomorrow.

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