Trespassing Update

Please read previous post with two updates from the past couple days if you have not already. Last night the troopers gave Anna until 6pm this evening to remove her belongings from the connex. She has been out all day moving stuff, to where we do not know. The property owner came out around 5:30pm to check on the progress (Troopers were busy on calls). There were multiple reports of her on site after 7pm. The property owner touched base with me around 8pm and said that she is still finishing up and will most likely sleep in her car over night near her things off the side of the road. We drove past around 8:30pm and there was a Trooper on site helping her move items to the road. Supposedly she will have help tomorrow to move everything. This is all we know at this time. The attached photo is her current personal vehicle, the Toyota in the other post is most likely a friend’s. I will get a photo of her posted, please be patient while we continue to work on the website and make improvements.

We understand people are having issues with the link in the emails. We are aware, but for now if you see an email notification (and know the link isn’t working for you) please just go directly to the website. The notifications are completely automated and those who are making the post have absolutely no control over this. Please remember this is all done by volunteers, it’s a brand new website and nothing is going to be completely perfect from the start. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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